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A few words about our team

Dennis Root & Associates employs investigators and expert consultants who are considered to be the very best in their fields. We know that it takes extensive training and real world experience to acquire the skills necessary to perform at the level we require of all of our personnel. To accomplish this task, Dennis Root & Associates is overseen by individuals who ensure the core values of Honor, Integrity, and Accountability are the guiding principles for each and every investigator and expert consultant.

Dennis Root

Dennis Root

Dennis Root is the Founder and President of Dennis Root & Associates, Inc. With over 25 years of law enforcement experience, Dennis has investigated cases ranging from identity theft to homicide. He has earned judicial recognition as an expert in police practices and procedures, especially cases involving the use of force. Dennis has appeared on CNN, HLN, and many other media outlets seeking an expert perspective on a variety of topics.

Email: : dennis@dennisroot.com


Expert Consultants

Dennis Root & Associates, Inc.

Provides only the top experts in their fields. We know that it takes more than a briefcase to be an expert. It requires extensive training and real world experience to truly earn the recognition as an expert. When you combine this education and experience with the strong personal convictions of each of our expert consultants, it is easy to see why Dennis Root & Associates, Inc. is fast becoming the preferred consulting group for many organizations and law firms. We can provide expert testimony in a number of areas, including but not limited to:

We can provide expert testimony in the following areas:

  • Use of Force (Law Enforcement & Corrections)
  • Use of Force – Individual Self-Defense
  • Use of Force Policies and Procedures
  • Arrest, Control, and Restraint Techniques
  • Law Enforcement/Corrections Training Requirements
  • Investigations
  • Conducted Electrical Weapons (CEW)/Electronic Control Devices (ECD)
  • O.C. Aerosol Sprays
  • Impact Weapons


Dennis Root & Associates, Inc. is dedicated to getting you the answers you deserve. We apply all of our considerable resources and experience to every case we accept. We will pursue the truth on your behalf, or for your organization. We recognize that every case is unique and presents challenges that are as different as the individuals involved. We will listen to your needs or the needs of your firm. Together we will create a strategy that meets both your needs and your budget.

All rates quoted here are for a single expert or investigator assigned specifically to your case. Each case we accept will be billed at the agreed upon hourly rate, plus all taxes and expenses.

Initial Consultation - FREE

Please take advantage of this FREE opportunity to speak with our staff about your case and the kinds of services you may need. This is a great opportunity for you to confirm that you feel comfortable with us working on your behalf. The most important part of the selection process is ensuring YOU are comfortable with the company you select.

Private Casework - $85, per hour

These cases are usually time sensitive matters and address an individual’s specific litigation needs. These investigations include cases like: neighbor issues, child custody, spousal infidelity, divorce and other family law issues.

Criminal Defense Work - $85, per hour

These types of investigations are often time designated, but not as time sensitive as those investigations conducted for private casework. When conducting criminal defense investigations, we will work hand in hand with you and/or your defense team to develop case strategies that will help prove the truth.

Expert Witness Services - Fees vary

Due to the complexities associated with the cases requiring expert witnesses, it is not possible to generalize our fees for these services. Please contact us to discuss your litigation requirements and we will provide you with a fee schedule specific to your expert witness needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that selecting the right person for the job is important. We also recognize that many firms offer style over substance. That is why we want to answer any and all questions you may have. We want you to be educated about what to look for. You should know right up front what an expert or investigator may or may not be able to do for you. Below, we have provided some of the most commonly asked questions. Please take a moment to read the question and consider the answers provided. We believe in complete transparency.

Q: What makes Dennis Root & Associates different?

A: Dennis Root & Associates, Inc. is dedicated to YOU! Our code is Honor, Integrity, and Accountability. There are many so-called experts and investigators working today. Some are licensed, insured, qualified, and ethical. Unfortunately, there are those that are not. We bring the decades of combined law enforcement experience to the table of every case we work. Our team of expert consultants and investigators brings with them the skill, resourcefulness, and professionalism that only comes through years of intense training and real world experience. If you are truly looking for the best of the best, then you never need look past Dennis Root & Associates, Inc.!

Q: What should I look for when hiring an expert?

A: There is no easy answer to this very straightforward question. This really depends on what you need. What kind of a case is it? What are they expected to provide expert testimony or opinion about? A key thing to remember is that a credible expert is a neutral third party who is paid to review and evaluate a specific issue. A true expert is being compensated for his or her time, NOT their opinion. Their opinion should not be for sale! That being said, when they are retained for a case they should be working directly for you or your legal representative. It is important for you to understand what your needs are and how they can be of service. Once you know exactly what you want, meet with the agency representative and confirm that you are comfortable with them and that they will be able to meet your needs.

Q: What should I look for when hiring a private investigator?

A: A private investigator should be properly licensed and employed with a licensed investigative agency. Before you retain an investigator, meet with them and discuss your expectations. You need to discuss budget and time constraints, documentation needs, and any other desires, such as photographs, videos, etc. You want to ensure that you are comfortable with the investigator. Is he or she someone you feel that you can trust? Do you want to have them working for you? Remember, whether it is a criminal or civil case or some other issue, such as divorce, it’s your case and you MUST be comfortable with the investigator you select!

Q: What is your payment policy?

A: We accept cash, check or money order, which may be mailed (excluding cash), shipped via Federal Express or UPS, or brought to our office. All major credit cards are also accepted. We provide written reports along with complete invoicing and refunds of any unused monies, when applicable.

Q: How do you bill?

A: This is a common question and a great reason for you to take advantage of our free consultation. Service costs depend on the services being rendered. For example, our expert consultant/witness services are charged at a flat rate for initial services rendered and specific hourly rates for other or continued services. On the other hand, our investigators charge by the hour with a minimum hourly retainer based on the type of investigation being conducted. The minimum retainer will vary depending on the nature and complexity of the investigation.

Q: Why shouldn’t I conduct my own investigation?

A: Someone who is concerned about their finances usually considers this question. Unfortunately, amateur investigations usually end in disaster. No matter how clever you actually are or the simple resources you think will do the job, you will probably lack the training, experience and resources it will take to complete the investigation successfully. Solid investigations come from extensive training and experience. More importantly, if you make this attempt on your own and fail, you will make it that much harder for a trained professional to complete the investigation. This means you will end up costing yourself more time and money than if you simply left it to the professionals from the beginning

Q: How expensive is a background check?

A: Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. The cost of a background investigation depends on a number of variables, not the least of which is, how deeply into the individual’s past and present you would like us to look. For example, if the individual is a prospective new employee, you may not want to go much further than a criminal history and worker’s compensation history. If they will operate a company vehicle, you may want to add a driving record search. However, if this is an individual you have just started dating, you will probably want to know a bit more (former marriages, children, debts, etc.). If this individual is someone you intend to marry or take on as a business partner, you would be smart to have a comprehensive background investigation completed on him or her. The small cost of an informative background investigation is nothing compared to the money and headaches it may save you in the future!

Q: I would like to locate someone from my past. Can you help?

A: The simple answer is a resounding YES! Much depends on the amount of the information you can provide combined with many other variables. We have an exceptionally high clearance rate provided we can obtain enough information and the trail is not too cold. The fact is, the more information you can provide us with at the beginning, the better our chances are of locating the person of interest. If you can provide their exact date of birth, social security number, and/or a complete list of last known addresses, you increase our success rate to almost 100%.

Q: If I have someone investigated or followed, will that person ever find out that I was responsible for it?

A: There is no way for anyone (no matter their training and/or experience) to guarantee 100% that the individual will not see or hear something that might indicate that they are being investigated. There is always the possibility that a surveillance operation may be blown or that a credit reporting organization notifies the individual that someone is looking into their financial history. If it was to happen and the targeted individual confronted us, our client’s identity (YOUR identity) will be protected at all costs. Dennis Root & Associates, Inc. uses only well-trained and experienced professionals, who completely understand the importance of caution and discretion.

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Before You Hire A Private Investigator

In Florida, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regulates private investigators and private investigative agencies.  Florida regulates the private investigative profession to ensure the public’s interests are protected.  Hiring a licensed private investigator helps ensure you are engaging a business that has passed all the licensing requirements in Florida.

Things you should know before you sign a contract with an agency in Florida:

  1. Check with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to see if there have been any sustained complaints or disciplinary action taken against the agency or its investigators.
  2. Always ask to see the investigative agency’s license.
  3. When you meet with the investigator, you should always ask to see their license.
  4. You should ask to see any professional certifications the private investigator says they have.
  5. Read the service agreement before you sign it. If something is unclear or you have any uncertainties, ask the representative for clarification.
  6. Make sure you understand the financial arrangements of the service agreement (retainer, hourly fee, expedite fee, refund policy, or any other itemized fee schedule)
  7. Make certain you understand what you are entitled to when the case is complete, such as case report, documents, photographs, and videos.

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