Dennis Root

Fee Schedule

Initial Contact

The initial case contact almost always begins with a phone call. During that conversation, I will discuss the case facts and determine whether or not I can be of assistance and in what capacity.

My role can vary from a case consultant to an expert witness providing testimony at deposition or at trial. In either case, I will share my initial assessment based on the facts provided during the call.

There is no charge for the initial case consultation. However, the initial consultation does not give an individual or organization permission to name me as a consulting or testifying expert. Payment of the identified retainer and a mutually executed service agreement are required.

Case Retention

For a client to retain me for a case, I must receive the nonrefundable retainer and a mutually executed service agreement. The retainer for expert witness services is $5,000.

My established hourly rate is $250 per hour (billed in half-hour increments), plus expenses.I will charge my hourly rate against the retainer until the retainer has been exhausted.

When the retainer has been exhausted, I will notify the client of how many additional hours are needed to complete my work. I must receive the replenishment funds before work continues on the matter.

The publication, listing, or designation of my name as an expert in a case without my express permission and formal retention is strictly prohibited. Any violation will be considered retention and result in subsequent invoicing for my established fees.

In preparation for deposition or trial, it may be necessary to visit the location where the event occurred. If your case requires an on-site visit, the fee is $2,000 for each on-site day, plus expenses.

A minimum fee of $1,000  must be paid in advance of any scheduled appearance for providing sworn testimony by deposition. This non-refundable fee will cover the first four (4) hours of my professional time, including travel time, wait time, and expenses. The same fee applies to videotaped depositions and depositions taken by telephone.

Depositions that exceed four hours will be invoiced for the additional time at the established hourly rate, billable in half-hour increments, including travel time, wait time, and expenses

If the case proceeds to the trial stage, my fee for providing testimony at trial is $2,000.00 per trial day, plus expenses. Situations can arise that prevent me from testifying on the scheduled date after already arriving at the trial location. In that case, there will be an added fee of $2,000 for each additional day or portion thereof. The payment for added trial days is due and payable at the time incurred.

The client will be responsible for all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses, including travel, testing, research, copying, storing evidence or documents, etc. I will invoice matters that reasonably require overnight stays at the flat rate of $1,000 per day of travel. I do not begin travel until the client has paid all per diem and travel fees.

Additional terms and responsibilities are outlined in the service agreement for expert witness services.