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God has blessed me with great success and an enriching career in service to my community. I dedicated my adult life to a noble profession and serving the members of my community. Doing so has brought me an overwhelming sense of pride and satisfaction. I will admit it also had its share of difficult times, as well.


I believe we all have the awesome responsibility for giving back to those who make our successes possible. That is why I have created three different podcasts. I developed each show with specific goals in mind. I pray you will take the time to listen and let me know what you think.


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Force Concepts

Force Concepts is a show dedicated to helping you unlock and develop your inner warrior. We will explore the realities of force and what it takes to win!

PI Answerman

The PI Answerman is a free resource for you to use during your development and advancement as a professional investigator. The program was created for tnew & experienced investigators.

Personal Opinion Show

This is my personal opinion show. During this show, I discuss and defend great American freedoms. My goal is to be a voice for the unsilent majority.

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