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Responding to the Denial

Responding to the Denial

Denials are difficult for everyone, so answering them professionally is important. As you know, Attorney George Wright denied my request to inspect and copy records of the Mountain Electric Cooperative. In his denial letter, Attorney Wright cited Tennessee law as a basis for his denying my requests.

Sadly, Attorney Wright does not appear to have correctly considered the application of Tennessee law. The denial letter inaccurately cites and inappropriately applies Tennessee statute. When I responded to Attorney Wright’s denial letter, I corectly referenced the law and explained how I believe they apply to my requests.

Attorney Wright appears to have issued his denial believing the Mountain Electric Cooperative is governed only by “Rural Electric and Community Services Cooperative Act.” Yet, he cited TCA §65-25-125 that specifies sections of the Tennessee Nonprofit Corporation Act that do not apply to an electric cooperative. This law reference appears to show Attorney Wright is aware of the fact the Tennessee Nonprofit Corporation Act applies to the electric cooperative. In fact, when you view the MEC filing information on the Tennessee Department of State website, you find the MEC is listed as a domestic nonprofit corporation.

Therefore, I believe Attorney Wright’s denial of my requests was not appropriate. In my response letter, I expressed my disappointment and urged him to think about his position. I encourage you to listen to this episode for a complete look into my response to Attorney Wright.

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