Dennis Root provided my family and I with piece of mind. From the first day we met with Dennis, we knew we were dealing with a professional dedicated to our needs. Dennis went above and beyond what we expected and the outcome of our case was more than we had hoped for. I highly recommend him to everyone fighting for what is right.

J. Briggs

“Watching you testify (especially your cross-examination) reminded me of how a “true” expert is able to succinctly and reasonably break down complex facts and theories into concepts and ideas the average juror can comprehend.”

Richard D. Kibbey


“I never fear putting Mr. Root on the stand or having his investigations held up to the intense scrutinity of the prosecutor, because I know that once Mr. Root gets on the case he knows the case inside and out and will never be unprepared for any question asked of him.”

Ashley Minton


“Not only did Dennis accomplish everything I asked him to do in a timely and efficient manner, he exceed all of my expectations. More importantly, Dennis was able to articulate self-defense concepts to me in a simplified way and relate them to the facts of my case. Put simply, Dennis was the reason why I am going forward with my case.”

Brett M. Waronicki


“Mr. Root brings his extensive investigative experience to every investigation and truly assists me in developiong case strategies that best serve my cliens. He has always had a reputation as being a very professional investigator and his is well respected within the local legal community. I often refer him to other attorneys and I always look for him to assist me with difficult and complicated cases.”

Lance P. Richard


“Mr. Root expresses a genuine interest in cultivating trust with the witnesses he interviews as well as the individuals on whose behalf he takes action. His efforts yield resuts and I would highly recommend him to any other practitioner of criminal defense.”

Leonard Feuer, Esq.