Dennis Root

Dennis Root

Meet Dennis Root

Dennis Root is a nationally recognized expert in the use of force by police and for self-defense. He is also a judicially recognized expert for investigations. Dennis has almost thirty years of law enforcement experience and served as the force expert in the well-publicized cases involving George Zimmerman (FL) and Micah LeMaster (WV).

Dennis is also the Founder and National Director of the Force Concepts Training Council, where I teach force related training programs. 

Dennis is guided by three core values. Honor, Integrity, and Accountability! He strives to demonstrate his dedication to these principles in everything he does. 

Dennis is an eternal student. He is devoted to developing his knowledge and understanding of everything related to the use of force.

Dennis enjoys writing about his experiences and sharing his information with others, to learn from and improve upon.

Some of Dennis’ favorite activities include woodworking and tending to the property he and his wife love so much.

Force Concepts – Dennis wrote Force Concepts to help professional investigators understand the complexities of force, and how to investigate force events. It was later learned people were using his book as a reference resource for self-defense, mindset, and firearms programs they teach.

Dennis said he was most humbled when he learned people who purchased Force Concepts have said they use it as a guide for what they should do if they are ever faced with the aftermath of a violent encounter.

Honor, Integrity & Accountability

Force Concepts

Violent physical attacks, shootings, and homicides are a few examples of the acts of violence that demand the professional investigator possess a particular investigative skill set. Imagine being one of the few professional investigators who possess those abilities.

Force Concepts will help you learn what to look for and how to evaluate the evidence these life-changing events may leave behind. You will learn real-world considerations that help you see directly into the heart of the force encounter. You will also learn to recognize the impact fear has on human performance and how to investigate that fear.

One of the primary goals of Force Concepts is to provide you with insights and investigative strategies for separating self-defense from criminal action. You will learn practical investigative principles that you can apply to investigations involving the use of force by police and for self-defense.

Force Concepts will help you, the professional investigator, take your investigative skills to the next level.

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