Who is Dennis Root

Dennis Root is a renowned law enforcement trainer and nationally recognized expert. His primary focus is the use of force by law enforcement and for self-defense. His area of expertise has him working force cases across the United States, and he has appeared on many national and local news media programs. Dennis also served as the use of force expert during the well-publicized cases involving George Zimmerman (FL) and Micah LeMaster (WV).

Dennis has a law enforcement career that spans more than 27 years. His full-time law enforcement service began with the City of Riviera Beach in 1989 and continued until he resigned from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office in 2011. After leaving the Sheriff’s Office, Dennis accepted a part-time position with the Town of Palm Beach Shores Police Department and served as the Director of Internal Affairs and Training.

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During his law enforcement career, Dennis’ duty assignments included road patrol, traffic, detective, training, canine, internal affairs, and program commander of the Sanctions Enforcement Unit of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office JOTC. Dennis also served as the use of force specialist for the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

Dennis has a proven track record of providing comprehensive force-related training to a diverse audience, including law enforcement, professional investigators, and private individuals. His training has reached professionals across the State of Florida and the United States. Notably, Dennis has served as the lead instructor for four law enforcement agencies and the Indian River State College Criminal Justice Training Institute, where he has successfully taught both basic and advanced-level courses.

Since leaving full-time law enforcement, Dennis has been an expert witness in both State and Federal court cases. Dennis’ vast law enforcement experience gives him a keen insight into the complexities of the cases brought before these courts.

Dennis has earned a solid reputation for supporting the truth, no matter who it was for or against. This reputation for being able to remain neutral quickly had Dennis being sought after to conduct independent reviews of investigations conducted by law enforcement Internal Affairs Divisions.

In addition to his more than 4,000 hours of continuing education and specialized training, Dennis earned his A.A.S. degree from the Indian River State College, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. Dennis is also a graduate of both the IACP Leadership in Police Organizations and the Southern Police Institute’s (SPI) Chief Executive Leadership programs.

In addition to Dennis’ extensive background in use of force and self-defense, He has also been judicially recognized as an expert witness in DUI enforcement and investigations.