Dennis Root


“In support of the truth, no matter who it is for or against.”

Dennis Root knows it takes more than a briefcase to be an expert. It requires extensive training and real-world experience to earn recognition as an expert. Combining this education and experience with strong personal conviction makes it easy to see why Dennis is a nationally recognized expert in his field.

Dennis analyzes every case from both the defense and the plaintiff’s perspectives. He believes it is crucial to consider the event from all viewpoints when identifying essential facts that lead to uncovering the truth.

Dennis has assisted investigators, attorneys, and others by providing services ranging from straightforward initial case analysis to comprehensive courtroom testimony.

Every case is as different as the individuals involved. Whether you are looking to identify case strengths and weaknesses or seek someone to provide compelling and informative expert witness testimony, Dennis Root is the professional you need.

Dennis provides consulting and expert witness services for matters involving:

  • Use of Force (Law Enforcement & Corrections)
  • Use of Force (Individual Self-Defense)
  • Use of Deadly Force
  • Arrest, Control & Restraint Techniques
  • Conducted Electrical Weapons (CEW)
  • O.C. Aerosol Sprays/Self-Defense Sprays
  • Impact Weapons
  • Edged Weapons
  • Use of Force Policies & Procedures
  • Training Development & Implementation
  • Failure to Train
  • Civil Rights Violations (Section 1983)
  • Force Investigations